Josh Best – Vocals
Patrick Blackie – Guitar
Kellan Menhennett – Guitar
Dave Mackenzie – Keys
Glenn Arseneau – Bass
Peter Arseneau – Drums

CHESTER DOOM is a group of diehard rockers from Canada’s East Coast, who feel that reports of rock & roll’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Musically forged by the rough edges and rocky coastlines of our home province and deep influences spanning from classic rock to punk and metal, our blood runs thick with inspiration from Guns n’ Roses to Tool, Rush to Billy Talent, Zeppelin and Skynyrd to Alice in Chains and Linkin Park and beyond. Equal parts punk attitude and southern rock swagger, personal tragedies colour every member’s musical vocabulary and combine to create both thunderous, face-melting maelstroms and introspective ballads that put the healing power of rock n’ roll on vibrant display.

Versatile rhythm guitarist Patrick Blackie leads the sonic charge with his endless bag of killer riffs and catchy progressions, deftly supported by the weaving piano of keyboardist Dave Mackenzie and fiery assault of lead guitarist Kellan Menhennett. Brothers Glenn Arseneau (bass) and Peter Arseneau (drums) keep the driving rhythm section on lockdown while powerhouse vocalist Josh Best soars above it all, casting his sonic magic.

We’ll see you all in 2022!

Rock on.


“I only heard the first 7 seconds. And I gotta tell you. That was enough. Just like Page and Plant on “The Immigrant Song”, you guys kicked the f***ing door right in. The riffs are powerful and the vocalist sings like Plant in the good old days. Or it seems that Chris Cornell resurrected just to sing “Monsoon”. We need more bands like you.”

— Rock Cabeça

“Wow! What an amazing voice! amazing riffs!! This band is insane good! Love the mix of rock, stoner and grunge on this track [“Monsoon”]. This is really great!”

— Electric Funeral Records

“Damn this is tight! Love the gritty badass rock n roll nature. I also like how it wastes no time. Just kicks right in.”

— Music Mecca

“Rock purity at its best.”

— From the Depths Entertainment

“Wowza, what a voice!”

— Alt77